The nation's most solvent individuals—private-equity barons—have not been immune from the ill effects of the credit crunch. —Daniel Gross, Newsweek, 3 Mar. 2008

ef·fect (ĭ-fĕkt′) n. 1. Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result. 2. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result: The government's action had little …

Common painkillers could cause harmful side effects in people with dementia, according to research. Scientists based in the U …

No Effects EffectsEffects definition, goods; movables; personal property. See more.

Effect definition is … The nation’s most solvent individuals—private-equity barons—have not been immune from the ill effects of the credit crunch.

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If symptoms become too uncomfortable or interfere with your health, doctors may suggest either open or laparoscopic gallbladd…

Many forms of childhood cancers have gone from being a death sentence to a curable disease. Thanks to advances in treatments, …

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What's the difference between Affect and Effect? The most common usage of affect is as a verb, meaning 'to impact'. Effect is usually a noun, meaning the result or consequence of something.

Commonly-prescribed opioid-based painkillers led to harmful side effects tripling in people with dementia. Researchers from the University of Exeter, King’s College London and the University of Bergen …

Effects definition, goods; movables; personal property. See more.

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