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Vaping Without Nicotine - Vape SchoolPeople switch to e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Some want to replace the experience of smoking with something that’s as close as possible without the combustion. Others want to reduce their nicotine intake, eventually using e-cigarettes with no nicotine.

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People vaping without nicotine come in a wide variety, but the largest group is former smokers that have successfully made the transition to vape. These former smokers have reduced the amount of nicotine slowly in their vaporizer over time to reduce their dependency on the substance.

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Nicotine-Free Vape Juices There are a number of reasons that people choose to vape without any nicotine. Whether you just enjoy the flavors and technology, or you are in the final stages of stopping smoking, nicotine-free vape juice is the perfect solution.

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