TOKYO, June 9 (Xinhua) — Online short-term lodging provider airbnb inc announced Thursday the cancellation of thousands of reservations in Japan before new lodging regulations kick in next week. The company determined to …

In January 2016, Gov. Tom Wolf — flanked by his two top environmental advisors …

The FAA has recently issued part 107, which addresses the majority of 333 petitions. Please visit

Regulations   Self Titled LP (full album 2005)The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website informs citizens about natural resource issues and how they may participate in their protection and use.

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TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan, which just months ago had tens of thousands of Airbnb …

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Regulation definition, a law, rule, or other order prescribed by authority, especially to regulate conduct. See more.

Regulations are mandatory requirements that can apply to individuals, businesses, state or local governments, non-profit institutions, or others.

A major obstacle often cited by those seeking to engage in business or other activities within the United States is the cost, in time and money, of complying …

Includes Safety Guidelines And Regulatory Information

The FAA has recently issued part 107, which addresses the majority of 333 petitions. Please visit

Pilot program would cap scooters in the city at 1,500 A new set of proposed …

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