Vape Lung

In August 2016, a number of disreputable viral sites matched an unrelated photograph with claims that a study had linked e-cigarettes with popcorn lung.

They contribute to lung disease, several kinds of cancer, and can even cause air pollution in the home that can harm non-smok…

Vaping is on the rise; according to the American Lung Association the use of e-cigarettes among teens has risen 900 percent since 2011. In Marin County, officials have seen a rise health issues relate…

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, put nicotine into your lungs and bloodstream. And they do it without the smoke and tar of a regular cigarette. But other harmful things can get into your body when you vape. That’s especially true if you use flavored cigarettes. It’s hard to know how much of …

VAPE VS CIGARETTES (EXPERIMENT)Does vaping cause popcorn lung? … -free e-liquids is fairly easy nowadays. Some flavoring producers now make diketone-free flavorings especially for vape products.

Claim: A study proved e-cigarette use (or vaping) leads to an incurable condition known as "popcorn lung."

And vaping appears to have taken off among young people … and then in 20 years I’ll have to explain to my kids why I’ve dev…

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We all know by now that cigarettes cause cancer, but what about vaping? WebMD tells you what you need to know.

Popcorn lung is a deadly respiratory condition (scientific name: bronchiolitis obliterans) that can be caused when certain chemicals are inhaled. It causes damage to the smallest airways in the lungs, the bronchioles.

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